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DAN ECO² and DAN PURITY rolling oil filter

Auxiliary plants and Ecological systems

Economical and considerate exploitation of natural resources and environment is of high importance to Danieli Fröhling as an equipment manufacturer.

We strive to develop and design energy efficient equipment and to optimize consumption of media (electrical power, water, oil, etc.) as much as technically possible. Moreover, pollution of environment must be avoided. To ensure this, we have developed a number of technical solutions.

DAN ECO² Fume Cleaning Systems

Along with the development of our „Diamond Mills“, Danieli Fröhling has attached great importance to the design of suitable, modern fume cleaning systems for non-ferrous rolling mills. A number of such systems has been supplied and successfully commissioned and is known to the market as DAN ECO².

Thereby, DAN ECO² stands for the double benefit of this particular equipment: For the separation of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), the DAN-ECO2 system is not only ECO-logically efficient, it is also ECO-nomically efficient as it allows the recovery (distillation) of the absorbed rolling oil without chemically altering the state and minimizes the emission of harmful substances to the air.

Low viscosity rolling oils with a paraffin / naphtene make-up are used for generating high quality metal surfaces and ensuring good lubrication in aluminium cold rolling. Because of the relatively high temperatures (150°C – 200°C) in the roll gap, a certain amount of the rolling oil used in aluminium cold rolling is evaporated. In view of environmental and legal regulations (VOC emissions), it is necessary to free the exhaust air from the rolling oil in order to bring it in line with international standards. The residual rolling oil content in the purified air should be less than 50 mg C/m3 and the recovered rolling oil should be pure enough for re-utilization in the rolling process.

There are various advantages in selecting a DAN-ECO2 system, as follows:

  • The exhaust air purity fulfils the highest emission standards (less than 50mgC/m3)
  • The flexibility of the system allows for excellent efficiency even under fluctuating inlet conditions due to advance condition monitoring of the inlet temperature and flow and hence, reduces running costs.
  • A By-pass line in the absorption circuit allows approximately 3-4 hours maintenance time to the rectification system without the need to shut down the complete DAN-ECO2 system or reducing the extraction from the mill and subsequent rolling schedules.
  • Because of the treatment in a distillation process, the rolling oil can be fully re-used for the rolling process. Hence, no problems occur for the absorption by polymerizing of compounds.
  • An optional degassing column allows oxygen, saturated water and inert gases to disengage from the process and ensures full availability in any operating issue.
  • Low maintenance costs.
  • Backup design for highest availability.
  • Fully automated and remote controlled by the rolling mills.
  • Pay-back of investment costs can be achieved within a few years.

We are happy to explain our solution in detail and calculate together with you based on your real figures how the DAN ECO²-system will pay back and which system size will be suitable for you.

DAN PURITY Rolling Oil Filters

Rolling oil filters are used to remove undesired pollutants and particles from the rolling media in use. The target is to keep a constant quality of rolling oil over the complete lifecycle of the media.

Our DAN PURITY-filters are designed as horizontal plate filters and provide a highly efficient filtration of large amounts of oil. The unit is of modular design and can be supplied in different sizes to fit the application. Thus, it can be used for completely new lines but also as substitution of existing, worn-out or outdated filter plants.

Contaminated rolling oil from the rolling process will be guided firstly into a dirty oil tank. From here, the pumps will deliver the oil through a stack of filter plates into the clean oil tank.

Filter mats will be polluted after a certain period of use due to the particles accumulated. An automatic differential pressure control guarantees the indication of necessary cleaning cycles in due time. After drying the mats and removal from the stacks, new filter paper and new filter medium will be applied and after a short time, the filter is ready to be used again.

Contact: sales.germany@danieli.com