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Copper, steel and non-ferrous metals

Cold Mills

Cold mills for steel, copper and its alloys and other metals

Danieli Fröhling cold rolling mills belong to the highest technological level of cold strip manufacturing.

Besides mills for aluminium strip and foil, we design and supply cold mills for various metals including steel, stainless steel, copper and copper alloys, special metals (like Nickel, Titanium, Magnesium, Zirconium, Gold, Silver and others).

Fröhling rolling mills are equipped with a direct hydraulic screw-down, which, in combination with a perfectly adjusted automation system, allows for the closest possible strip tolerances. Perfect flatness is assured by different flatness measuring methods, in conjunction with the built-in actuators: tilting, roll bending and axial shifting as well as controlled zone cooling of rolls. The efficient and reliable removal of the coolant from strip surface and strip edges is guaranteed by specially developed squeezing systems.

Depending on customer requirements, Danieli Fröhling cold rolling mills are manufactured in different designs:

  • 2-high rolling mills
  • 4-high rolling mills
  • 6-high rolling mills
  • 12- and 20-high rolling mills
  • Combined mill stands
  • Skin-pass mills
  • Mill stands for the flexible rolling of cold strip
  • Laboratory mills.

Special roll changing devices allow for quick changing of rolls within shortest time possible. The use of the plant is optimized thanks to pass schedule calculations and –data storage by pre-setting the reference values for rolling gap, strip thickness, strip tension and rolling speed.

Depending on specification and design, our cold rolling mills show the following features:

  • Highly dynamic screw-down systems
  • Positive and negative roll bending
  • if necessary: intermediate roll shifting
  • Multiple zone cooling
  • Quick roll changing systems
  • High-precise tension control
  • Automated thickness- and flatness control
  • Calculation and storage of pass schedules related to dimensions and alloys
  • Coiler drums are designed for high tension
  • Optimized mill stand design – also with regard to coil diameters – to allow for an economic use of the plant

Because of the great variety of possible mill stand designs and technological solutions, we can only give you a brief overview of our product range. Please contact us for more detailed information so that we can present a tailor-made solution for your individual needs.