Modernization of existing lines


Modernization services to lower operating costs belong to our important fields of business..


We offer

  • Inspection of plants and components
  • Technical support for repair and replacement of wear parts
  • Integration of recent developments in existing plants
  • Studies regarding increase of production and quality
  • Introduction and training of operating & maintenance personnel

Furthermore, we can provide our “Full Service Packages” to customers that incorporate individual concepts to deliver tailor-made services regarding

  • Maintenance contracts
  • Trouble-shooting
  • Safety inspection
  • Consulting
  • Capacity check
  • State-of-the-art-check and proposals for upgrading
  • Line optimization studies


Further to specialized services as mentioned before, we are able to offer replacement and wear parts for all types of mills and processing lines. As a result of the close cooperation with customers as well as after having made consultancies and studies at existing lines, we may choose several ways to offer respectively provide components to increase operator’s profit per ton of production. These technological solutions can consist of our technological packages or tailor-made solutions according to the actual status of equipment and customer’s needs and financial possibilities. Such components are (but not limited to):

  • Side trimmers and scrap cutter
  • Sophisticated slitting heads
  • Strip braking devices
  • Automatic changing devices for cutting tools, recoiler mandrels, etc.
  • The “Clean Package”, i.e. strip brushes and roll polishing devices for mills

If you would like to have further information or to get an offer, please contact us!“