Milling lines
Milling lines
Milling lines
Milling lines
Milling lines
Milling lines

Highly effective and accurate milling

Milling Lines

Danieli Fröhling milling lines process hot rolled or cast strip of copper or copper alloys on all sides (upper, lower surface as well as side milling).

During milling process, the surface will be removed to a certain desired degree and the as-cast or as- rolled surface will be remarkably improved to meet subsequent cold rolling requirements. At the same time, a defined thickness and roughness can be produced. Finished strips will be recoiled for further rolling process.

Highest accuracy of strip and long lifetime of equipment will be guaranteed by:

  • Massive, low-vibration machine design.
  • Adjustable guide tables and pinch roll units keeping the material in a defined position during milling.
  • Hydraulic balancing of miller chocks as well as counter pressure rolls.
  • Automatic thickness and width check of entry and exit material and closed loop control of miller tool adjustment.
  • Adjustable milling speed depending on milling depth, alloy to be processed and line speed.
  • Cooling and lubrication of millers by means of special emulsion spray system combined with exactly dosed cooling means application.
  • Effective chip removal system available.
  • Change units for millers in different configuration (semi-automatic or automatic sequences).
  • Optional miller tool grinding devices.

Precise repetition of milling results will be guaranteed by usefully arranged digital displays for adjustment of milling units. Milling depth can be individually adjusted for both upper and lower surface as well as side milling.

Use of HSS or tungsten carbide milling knives, individually exchangeable and fixed by a special clamping system, guarantee high lifetime of tools and best possible surface after milling.

Our milling lines are available for various strip thickness and width as well as for different speed according to your request. A detailed discussion and definition between you and our specialists shall ensure an optimum of lifetime and reliability.

Contact us for further information and detailed discussions!